Oliver will take us on a journey around Ethiopia to showcase its varied wildlife highlights from his recent trip in April 2019. Highlights will include intimate encounters and photography tips with the gelada baboons of the Simien Mountains. Other impressive wildlife here includes the endemic and very rare walia ibex, magnificent lammergeiers and agile klipspringers all amongst some of the most jaw dropping scenery in Africa. Heading south into the lower lying Awash Valley there will be more typical East African savannah scenes and wildlife such as beautiful Beisa oryx, jackals, bustards, bee-eaters, hornbills, crocodiles and birds of prey galore in addition to impressive Awash Waterfall.

From here comes the mystical Bale Mountains, home for the world’s rarest canid and Africa’s most endangered carnivore, the beautiful Ethiopian wolf, which has its main population here. Seeing and photographing this striking canid hunting giant mole rats on the moonlike Sanetti Plateau is an experience to savour. The Afro-alpine moorlands and lush lichen-clad cloud forests of the Bale Mountains are home to a surprising variety of wildlife including mountain nyalas that allow you to walk amongst them, the highly localised Bale monkey and Bale nose-horned chameleon and more birds of prey than you can keep track of.

Moving back down into the Great Rift Valley, there are hippos, vast flocks of flamingos, colourful kingfishers, jacanas and colobus monkeys in and around the Lakes of Awassa, Langano and Abijatta and Shalla. Ethiopia’s fascinating ancient and more modern history and special mix of cultures combine with its wildlife to make for a truly unique country with so much to offer.

Date(s) - 17/08/2019
9:30 am - 9:50 am

Merlin Lecture Theatre