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Since Henry Seebohm’s Birds of the Japanese Empire (the first book on the birds of Japan in English) was published in 1890, great strides have been made in our understanding of the avifauna of this fascinating archipelago. A brief history of ornithology in Japan provides the background for my personal dream of producing a modern field guide to the country. After nearly forty years, at last that dream has become a reality, and this is the story.

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Mark, originally from Worcestershire, England, is now a resident of Teshikaga-cho, in east Hokkaido. During his first visit to Hokkaido in February 1980 he developed a fascination with the country’s geography and natural history, and after completing his PhD in behavioural ecology he returned to Japan where he explored the length and breadth of the country. In the process, Mark began collecting the material that eventually became a series of books, culminating in Birds of Japan. After a career in television, and another as a university professor, Mark revels in being a writer, editor and expedition leader. Although for much of the year he leads international expeditions, he feels most at home when exploring and birdwatching from his home base in east Hokkaido. 

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