Young conservationists explore how their generation see the future for UK wildlife as pressure builds on our environment.

Panelists are:

  • Georgia Locock – Wildlife protection campaigner, writer and blogger
  • Alex White – Wildlife photographer, blogger and author
  • James Miller – Wildlife protection campaigner, blogger and photographer
  • Bella Lack – Social media wildlife and environmental campaigner and Born Free Foundation Youth Ambassador
  • Kate Stephenson – Wildlife campaigner and blogger who currently works for National Geographic Kids and a Trustee of Born Free
  • Beth Jennings – Wildlife Campaigner and Founder of Claws out Campaign

Panelist details:

Georgia Locock

Georgia Locock – is a vocal young conservationist, birder and zoology student. She is very active across social media, on her own blog ( and through her public talks. Which she uses as platforms to campaign on issues that she’s keen to have an impact on and educate others about. Most recently, this has included the badger cull which comes from her love for British mammals, showcasing the illegal slaughter of birds on Cyprus and inspiring other young people with the natural world.



Alex White

Alex White – Alex has been taking photographs and blogging about wildlife since the age of 9. He was one of the original 12 Local Patch Reporters for BBC Wildlife Magazine. Over the past 5 years he has won numerous photography competitions and appeared on Springwatch Unsprung. Most recently Alex has been nominated one of the Youth Ambassadors for Pocket Pals App.
Alex’s interests lie in British wildlife, especially mammals. He has written a book, due to be released in Spring 2019, with the aim of encouraging more young people to become passionate about wildlife and nature.


James Miller

James Miller – is a 16 year old aspiring nature presenter and advocate for nature. In 2015 he won the Cairngorms Young Nature Presenter Competition, and since then has been making his own short documentaries.
He also does photography and blogging in his spare time, hoping to inspire his generation to appreciate nature and take action against its decline. More recently he visited 10 Downing Street to discuss environmental policy, and has started campaigning about issues such as the badger cull.



Bella Lack

Bella Lackis a 15 year old conservationist and advocate for nature who is also passionate about animal welfare.
She is a youth ambassador for the Born Free Foundation and also for the nature app Pocket Pals.
She regularly writes a blog and campaigns through her significant social media platform to educate, inspire and empower others to protect and preserve wildlife and the environment.



Kate Stephenson

Kate Stephenson – is a writer for National Geographic Kids magazine and heads up their online educational resources for schools. She is also runs the award-winning wildlife and conservation blog She is a trustee of Born Free Foundation and a passionate campaigner for wildlife, particularly big cats, great apes, pachyderms and British wildlife.




Beth Jennings

Beth Jennings  -was first introduced to the world of animal welfare when she volunteered with lions in South Africa back in 2015 after the trip was advertised as conservation. Since discovering the link between handling lion cubs and the canned hunting and lion bone trade, Beth decided to launch a campaign, Claws Out, to raise public awareness about the lies behind voluntourism in South Africa in partnership with Born Free Foundation and Olsen Aninmal Trust. Beth also spent over 3 years working for Dogs Trust and Dogs Trust Worldwide on their international welfare work and now offers advice on a consultancy basis. 



Date(s) - 19/08/2018
1:00 pm - 1:50 pm

Wild Zone