Over the past 12 months we have seen a rising crescendo of young voices from around the world calling for urgent action to tackle climate change and habitat and species destruction.

From Chris Packham’s Walk for Wildlife to Greta Thurnberg addressing the United Nations Climate Change Summit and the European Parliament to school climate change strikes in towns and cites around the world to Extinction Rebellion, we have seen thousands of young people start to put huge pressure on political and business leaders to stop the destruction of our precious planet.

But what do the decision makers of tomorrow think about the state of the planet they are growing up on and how will they make decisions in their future lives which will avoid the mistakes of their parents generation, when it comes to tackling climate change, protecting the natural world and wildlife at home and abroad ?

The Question Time panel will bring together 5 leading young campaigners, writers, bloggers and broadcasters who are giving a voice to the next generation when it comes to speaking up for the protection of wildlife and the natural world. The panel will take questions from an audience made up of both young people and adults from across Britain and around the world.

Bella Lack – Bella Lack – is a young conservationist and advocate for nature who is also passionate about animal welfare. She is a youth ambassador for the Born Free Foundation and also for the nature app Pocket Pals. She regularly writes a blog and campaigns through her significant social media platform to educate, inspire and empower others to protect and preserve wildlife and the environment.

Twitter: @BellaLack

Georgia Locock – Georgia Locock – is a vocal young conservationist, birder and zoology student. She is very active across social media, on her own blog (georgiaswildlifewatch.com) and through her public talks. Which she uses as platforms to campaign on issues that she’s keen to have an impact on and educate others about. Most recently, this has included the badger cull which comes from her love for British mammals, showcasing the illegal slaughter of birds on Cyprus and inspiring other young people with the natural world.

Twitter: @GeorgiaLocock

Alex White – Alex is a 16 year old naturalist, photographer and author.  He has been blogging about and photographing his local wildlife since the age of 10.  He is passionate about British wildlife and actively promotes his belief that a lifetime of caring for the environment can start close to home.  His debut book ‘Get Your Boots On’ shows people how easy it is to find amazing wildlife on their doorstep.

Twitter: @Appletonwild
Facebook: Appleton wildlife diary
Instagram: Appletonwild

Finlay Pringle – Finlay Pringle is 11 years old from Ullapool, Scotland. He is a Marine conservation campaigner and climate strike activist. First love sharks ! He was made a Global Shark Ambassador by Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in recognition of his campaign trying to stop Bear Grylls exploiting sharks. He also campaigns to ban the practice of shark finning globally. Plastic pollution and climate change are two major issues for the marine environment – Finlay campaigns tirelessly to highlight these issues, helping to make Ullapool the first plastic straw free place in the UK and being the first young person in the UK to start weekly school striking for climate action on the 14 December 2018. He has been to both the Scottish and European parliaments to speak directly with politicians to demand action to solve the climate crisis.

Twitter: @finlaypringle
Facebook: ullapoolsharkambassador

Rebecca Bailey  – Rebecca Bailey is 8 years old.  Rebecca finds different species of Butterfly eggs, mostly in her garden to protect them from predators in her pink and purple wood built Butterfly Farm.  She does short videos giving lifecycle updates and more exciting news by posting them on Social Media.  She has protected and released over 360 butterflies since 2017.  She will also have a book series for young children called “Becca’s Butterflies” being released soon.

Twitter: @BeccasButterfli
Instagram: rebeccas_butterfly_farm
Youtube: Rebecca’s Butterfly Farm

Ages 8 and over

Date(s) - 18/08/2019
1:00 pm - 1:50 pm

Wild Zone