Lucy McRobert is on a mission to make everyone happier and healthier by bringing them closer to nature.

365 Days Wild offers inspirational suggestions for enjoying wildlife for every day of the year. These ‘Random Acts of Wildness’ will encourage you to fall in love with, learn about or even help wildlife and wild places near you. A Random Act of Wildness is any little thing that you can do as part of your day, to enjoy nature. It can take a few seconds: like smelling a wildflower on the way to work; or a few hours :like creating a whole area for wildlife in your garden.

Some Random Acts of Wildness don’t take any time at all, but instead are little changes to your daily routine that will ultimately be better for wildlife, like buying a reusable coffee cup. The best Random Acts of Wildness immerse you (if only for a few seconds) in nature, setting your senses alight. Smelling freshly fallen rain, tasting the sweet explosion of a fresh blackberry as you pop it in your mouth, wriggling your toes in the icy waters of a stream, waking up to bird song. It’s not just about seeing, but experiencing the wild in every way possible.

Let this beautifully photographed adventure guide inspire you and help you to discover your wild life.

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