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     The auction lots for 2020 will appear here soon…………. in the meantime here’s what a happy winner had to say about their day out with Iolo Williams! 


‘Last year my husband and I moved house. Nothing unusual in that.

We didn’t have time for a holiday all year. Nothing unusual in that (well, not in our house.)

We went to BirdFair – nothing unusual in that. It’s an umissable date in our calendar. We strolled into the Auction Tent to see what was on offer. Something a bit different?

We have donated prizes to BirdFair before, and we know that the money is spent carefully on important projects, so it was a worthwhile intention.

Lot 1. “A day out with Iolo Williams”.

Really? Sounded a fantastic opportunity to spend time with a top-notch naturalist. And in Wales – even better (we don’t live near Wales, we just love going there).

We put in a bid and popped back to the Auction Tent over the 3 days to see if anyone had bid more than us. They did. So we bid a bit more…..  we were getting determined!

This continued until, eventually, we won the prize on Sunday afternoon. Hurrah! Tim Appleton put us in touch with Iolo and we arranged a date for early Spring.

Iolo was brilliant. Welcoming, really friendly, full of entertaining stories and one of the most patient guides we have ever met.

We started the day very early, to visit a wild location to see a Black Grouse leck, which we had never seen before. It didn’t look promising to start with, as the weather wasn’t great, but gradually the black grouse arrived. I guess maybe a dozen birds in total, all displaying. Wonderful!

Iolo drove is to the Dee Estuary (great white egret, seabirds) and later on to explore the excellent Burton Mere RSPB Reserve (with a very nice visitor centre and a helpful team of staff– you can do lots of birding whilst staying indoors, if the weather isn’t great).

Iolo is a very popular chap. People often recognise him from his broadcasting and TV work especially on Springwatch/ Autumnwatch and want to stop him for a quick chat or a selfie. He is one of the most generous and thoughtful people we have met and he spent time talking with young people to encourage them about birds and nature. It was a really wonderful and unique day out.

In summary : Who needs a two-week holiday on a beach, when you can have a wild day out in Wales with Iolo Williams??!!

See you in the Auction Tent this year?  Hope you have a fantastic time at BirdFair.’

Diana Stacey”


Here’s what was on offer in 2019………..

Lot 1

A day’s birding for two in Somerset with local naturalist and author Stephen Moss.

The successful bidders will join Somerset Birdwatching Holidays for a guided group day out in Somerset.

Morning teas and coffees included as well as a pub lunch with drinks and entry to all birdwatching sites.

To be taken any time in 2019 or 2020 subject to availability.

Value £Priceless!

Courtesy of Somerset Birdwatching Holidays and Stephen Moss

Lot 2

New and exclusive birdwatching in Northern Gambia, Two nights stay for two people, dedicated bird guide, tour and meals included. 

Be amongst the first to enjoy birdwatching in the Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve,

with direct access from the lodges as well as exploring the best kept secrets with your guide.

Expect to see the rare Egyptian Plover, White-Crested Tiger Bittern and Martial Eagle. To be taken Dec 2019 to April 2020. Flights excluded.

Morgan Kunda Lodges is part of Morgan Clark Foundation and all profits go into the charity.

Morgan Clark Foundation is a registered charity in the UK and The Gambia,

Value £300 – Courtesy of Morgan Kunda Lodges

Lot 3

Original 2019 Birdfair artwork by Carry Akroyd

The original artwork created for this year’s Birdfair poster.

Value £350

Courtesy of Carry Akroyd – AM/39


Lot 4

2 nights stay for two people in Domaine Lacoste, Narbonne, France.

Enjoy one of France’s richest ranges of birdlife and bird watching opportunities around Narbonne staying in Domaine Lacoste, in a luxury accommodation, breakfast included. To be taken in April or May. Flights excluded.

Value €300

Courtesy of Patricia Pinet

Lot 5

Vortex ‘Razor HD’ 50mm Angled ‘scope

Comes complete with 11-33x zoom eyepiece and case, it’s the ultimate high quality 700 gram ‘travel ‘scope

with the Vortex Unlimited Lifetime Warranty.

Value £599

Courtesy of Newpro UK Limited, Marquee 1  Stand 1, 2 40 & 41

Lot 6

Celestron Trailseeker ED 8×42 Binoculars

The Celestron Trailseeker 8×42 ED binocular provides high-level outdoor performance.

A perfect choice for avid birders and outdoor enthusiasts. Packed with optical, mechanical, and ergonomic features

making them comparable to binoculars costing two to five times as much.

Value £300

Courtesy of Celestron Global Ltd, Marquee 4  Stand 3 & 4

Lot 7

Family day ticket to Burghley – House and Gardens

Still a much loved family home, Burghley invites you to discover this Elizabethan Treasure House.

The gardens and parkland were largely designed by Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown in the 18th.

Admission for two adults, three children. To be taken by July 2020.

Value £50

Courtesy of Burghley House

Lot 8

Family day ticket to Grimsthorpe Castle Park and Gardens.

Chances are you will spot some of the wildlife that has made its home at Grimsthorpe.

Buzzards, Red Kites, Swans, Geese and various ducks are here at one time or another.

Red, Fallow and Muntjack Deer are also resident along with many other British mammals.

During warm sunny weather you can also spot Dragonflies, Damselflies, Butterflies and Beetles.

Excludes special event days. Admission for two adults, three children.

Value £31.50

Courtesy of Grimsthorpe Castle and Gardens

Lot 9

Family entry ticket to Barnsdale Gardens.

Admission for two adults and three children. 38 individually designed gardens which have been voted the Best Garden to visit in the UK (2018/19), Barnsdale is inspirational at any time of the year for everyone who wants a great day out. To be taken anytime during 2019/2020.

Value £29

Courtesy of Barnsdale Gardens

Lot 10

Acrylic original painting by Ronald Swanwick – “Shell Ducks away”

Painting done in fields near Slimbridge featuring shell ducks flying away over frosty fields and water.

Value £325

Courtesy of Helena Jefferson

Lot 11

Acrylic original painting by Ronald Swanwick – “Shell Ducks returning”

Painting of shell ducks flying towards the viewer over frosted grass.

Value £325

Courtesy of Helena Jefferson

Lot 12, 13, 14

Pair of MacWet Gloves

Macwet Gloves are ideal for use with cameras, mobile phones, and binoculars. Used in many sports as they are very tactile and extremely comfortable. Superb grip in all conditions. To be collected at show as size is very important – Available in 13 sizes.

Value £32.99 each

Courtesy of MacWet Gloves, Marquee 8 Stand 12

Lot 15

Limited edition print of Helmeted Guinea Fowl

15 x 22 inches, unframed.

Value £ 150

Courtesy of Ashley Boon – Wildlife Artist (Babita Tours, Marquee 3 Stand 12)

Lot 16 & 17

Birding in Eastern Europe Book  and Bird Songs & Calls of Britain & Europe (4 CD Set)

Birding in Eastern Europe covers the best birding sites in 11 eastern European countries. The 4 CD set, as part of this prize, features the songs and calls of 403 species in systematic order. Total playing time: 5 hours.

Value £60 each

Courtesy of WILD Sounds & Books, Marquee 3 Stands 48-53


Lot 18

Collins Bird Guides (Large Format 2nd Edition)

The ultimate reference book for birders. This large format version of the best-selling guide does full justice to the superb illustrations within this book.

Value £65-125

Courtesy of WILD Sounds & Books, Marquee 3 Stands 48-53

Lot 19

Limited edition fine art giclee print of a Tawny Owl

Print by Michael Demain Wildlife artist.

Value £50

Courtesy of Michael Demain Art, Art Marquee Stand 27

Lot 20

Six bottles of South African wine

Value £50

Courtesy of 2by2 Holidays, Marquee 2, Stand 7

Lot 21,22,23,24,25

A copy of ‘Galapagos of the Antarctic’ book

By Rodney Russ & Aleks Terauds.

This book explores the seven oceanic islands groups to the south of New Zealand from the Chatham Islands to the Bounty, Antipodes, Campbell, Auckland, The Snares and Macquarie Islands. Discover a unique part of the world rich in wildlife, geology and human history with this extraordinary book complete with stunning photographs and illustrations.

Value £45 each

Courtesy of Heritage Expeditions, Marquee 2 Stand 44


Lot 26

Sculpture of Fairy Wren in wire – Unique for Birdfair

Starting with the wire that holds the sparkle in champagne and incorporating new, enamelled and recycled wire to create life representation of this colourful bird.

Value £155

Courtesy of Champagne Birds, Art Marquee Stand 5

Lot 27

“Albatross’s Pelagic Trip” from Valparaiso, Chile for 2 people

2 seats in a 6 hour amazing “Albatross’s Pelagic Trip” from Valparaiso, Chile , where you can see interesting species of albatrosses, petrels, shearwaters from the Humboldt Current, and also some great cetaceous!! To be taken between October and March. Flights not included. T & C’s apply.

Value £215

Courtesy of Albatross Birding and Nature Tours in Chile

Lot 28

Photoblind Monal V2

Professional photoblind for two people or one person for long session, with quick deployment system, projected canopy protecting the lens from rain, removable ground floor, and 6 different photographing posts.

Size (open) Height – 140cm, Length – 220cm, Width – 140cm. Weight – 3,03kg. Can be used all year round.

Value £300

Courtesy of Tragopan, Marquee 6 Stand 1 & 2

Lot 29

Large Shoulder pad

Large shoulder pad for carrying tripod with big lens.

Value £40

Courtesy of Tragopan, Marquee 6 Stand 1 & 2

 Lot 30

 Photoblind Tragopan V6, additional room, canopy and large mesh sleeve

Professional photoblind for one person for long session. Quick deployment system, projected canopy protecting the lens from rain, removable ground floor, 4 different photographing posts. Possibility to add a room to sleep inside. Can be used with or without canopy.

Value £270

Courtesy of Tragopan, Marquee 6 Stand 1 & 2

Lot 31

Socks for Tripod legs

Waterproof socks for tripod legs, to avoid water, mud, dust, sand getting in contact with the tripod and damaging it.

Value £40

Courtesy of Tragopan, Marquee 6 Stands 1 &2

Lot 32

Bottle of Highland Park single malt whisky

A bottle of 12 year-old single malt whisky made with pride on Orkney.

Value £40

Courtesy of Orcadian Wildlife, Marquee 2 Stand 68

Lot 33

An evening in a Wildlife Watching Hide for four people in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park

An evening of guided wildlife watching for four people, in a comfortable hide located on the Rothiemurchus Estate in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park.

Value £120

Courtesy of Speyside Wildlife, Marquee 7 Stands 21 & 22


Lot 34

Duo Gin/Vodka gift pack

2 x 20cl of your choice, with gift wrap

Value £25

Courtesy of Two Birds Spirits, LPM 9

Lot 35

Complete set of field guides to Britain’s wildlife

Princeton WILDGuides is offering a complete set of their state-of-the-art photographic field guide series to the wildlife of Britain.

Value £250

Courtesy of Princeton WILDGuides, Marquee 5 Stands 38 & 39

Lot 36,37,38,39,40,41

Annual Subscription to BBC Wildlife Magazine

Your guide to the natural world, showcasing the wonder and beauty of wildlife. 13 issue subscription.

Value £55.25 each

Courtesy of BBC Wildlife Magazine, Marquee 3 Stand 6 & 7

Lot 42

Russian Pie Package

Choose two premium pies and two classic pies from a choice of Piroshki. Options available: Classic: Chicken & chorizo, Beef & onion, Triple cheese, Mushroom, Roasted veggie, Morrocan veggie. Premium: Goats cheese, Salmon & Cream cheese, Sea bass & cod. Free delivery after the fair.

Value £20

Courtesy of Cossack Cuisine, LPM 12


Lot 43

An Oriental Hamper

A hamper packed with delights from the orient including gorgeous Sumatran coffee and chocolate; teas from India; handicrafts from Nepal, India and Burma…..and  a pair of famous leech socks too!

Value £50-100

Courtesy of Oriental Bird Club, Marquee 2 Stands 22 & 23

Lot 44

The Guide to Tasmanian Wildlife – Angus McNab

This comprehensive guide identifies all 324 species of amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds that inhabit Tasmania and its territorial waters. Over 900 images help identify each species.

Value £30

Courtesy of Inala Nature Tours, Marquee 2 Stand 43

Lot 45

Puffins & Puffling Glass Ornament

Celebrating his visit to Orkney in 2018 Dunc Smith created this piece featuring a pair of puffins and their puffling chick, on a gate and stone with tiny glass flowers completing the scene. All made freehand in the propane/oxygen flame using coloured glass.

Value £85

Courtesy of D Smith Glasscraft, Marquee 3 Stand 21, – Dunc Smith Glasscraft

Lot 46

HBW and BirdLife International Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World. Volume 1 (Non-Passerines) ad Volume 2 (Passerines)

The first completely illustrated checklist ever published, with new taxonomy that incorporates the most up-to-date information and an exhaustive methodology in an entirely systematic and consistent way.

Value £358

Courtesy of Lynx Edicions, Marquee 7 Stand 27

Lot 47

Hamper of baked goods

Picnic hamper containing bread, savouries and cakes.

Value £50

Courtesy of Hambleton Bakery, LPM 1 & 2

Lot 48

Birdie Memory Poster

Birdie Memory is a fun, innovative and accessible way to learn how to recognize birdsong. It is a large colourful poster representing 20 common birds. After downloading the app, the poster comes alive by simply passing the phone in front and the birds start to sing!

Value £25

Courtesy of LPO France, Marquee 5 Stand 3

Lot 49

Trailblazer Trousers

These high performance, versatile expedition trousers are lightweight, durable and with stretch built in and with articulation darts, they give a really comfortable fit with great freedom of movement. Insect shield ® technology provided long-lasting, effective and convenient insect protection against most pesky bugs. It’s bonded tightly to the fabric fibres and will retain its effectiveness through the life of the product. Add Sun Protection UPF 40+ and Dynamic Moisture Control ™, and you’ve got the perfect hot-weather trouser.

Value £90

Courtesy of Rohan, Marquee 8 Stand 13-16

Lot 50

Fine art print of “Got it!”

This is a giclee fine art print of a little egret just as it catches its dinner. The original is in pastels and watercolours.

Value £50

Courtesy of Frances Daunt Animal Artist, Art Marquee Stand 28

Lot 51

Nature Writings – a bundle of paperbacks (10)

A varied selection of paperbacks including: Owls – folklore & natural histoy; Wildlife Detective; The Poetry of Birds; Bill Oddie’s Little Black Bird Book; Crow Country & five others.

Value £50

Courtesy of Calluna Books, Marquee 6 Stand 13

Lot 52

Nature films – a bundle of DVDs (10)

A selection of DVDs including ‘Secret Life of the Sparrowhawk’, ‘Birdwatching in Norfolk’, ‘Ospreys: flying home to Rutland Water’, two from the BBC (‘Wildlife specials: Eagles’ & ‘Eagle Island’) and five from the RSPB.

Value £50

Courtesy of Calluna Books, Marquee 6 Stand 13

Lot 53

Three books from T&AD Poyser

Poysers: ‘Breeding Birds of Britain & Ireland – a historical survey’ (Parslow); ‘The Historical Atlas of Breeding Birds in Britain & Ireland 1875-1900 (Holloway); ‘A dictionary of Birds’ (Campbell & Lack).

Value £70

Courtesy of Calluna Books, Marquee 6 Stand 13

Lot 54,55,56,57,58,59,60,61,62,63

Promocode for Sunbird Images’ Bird app “Bird Songs Europe, North Africa & Middle East”

Europe’s most extensive bird song app! This is the professional app to the renowned reference work of Schulze and Dingler covering 802 European species including more than 2,800 songs and calls known freom the 17~ CD set! Win a free promocode to this outstanding bird app at this year’s Birdfair auction. Available on Apple’s iOS or Android.

Value £60 each

Courtesy of Sunbird Images, Marquee 5 Stand 30

Lot 64

Billingham Galbin 10 Binocular Case

Made in England this beautifully designed Binocular case will protect your quality 10×42 style binoculars in all weather conditions. Billingham’s waterproof 3-layer FibreNyte material never requires reproofing and remains moisture-resistant for the whole lifetime of the bag. The bags incorporate the Billingham’s Quick Release System – a strong leather strap with a solid brass ‘clogball’ fastener positioned on the front of the bag to allow the owner to gain access to equipment, quickly and quietly. ON the reverse of the bag are two sturdy leather reinforced straps that are secured by press studs, these enable secure  attachment to a waist-belt (up to 6cm wide) for optimum portability. The bag is protected by Billingham’s 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Value £135

Courtesy of M Billingham & Co Ltd, Marquee 3 Stand 13

Lot 65

Pork pie making experience & Bakery tour for 2

A voucher to attend a pork pie making and bakery tour experience at Brocklebys in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.

Value £25

Courtesy of Brocklebys Pies, LPM 14

Lot 66

Falkland Islands Hamper

A selection of Falkland Islands goodies.

Value £100

Courtesy of Falkland Islands Holidays, Marquee 1 Stand 3


Lot 67

Grey Hypocolius watercolour by Ian Wallace

An evocative watercolour of a Hypocolius with Mesopotamian Crows by legendary birder, author, artist and raconteur Ian Wallace.

Value £100-150

Courtesy of Ornithological Society of the Middle East (OSME), Marquee 5, Stands 6 & 7

Lot 68

20kg Premier plus birdseed & Eyebrook goody bag

A sack of quality wheat free mix produced on an award winning conservation farm, which contains a hearty blend of high energy, nutrient rich ingredients. A goody bag of feeders, suets and worms for your garden birds to enjoy!

Value £45

Courtesy of Eyebrook Wild Bird Feeds, Marquee 6 Stand 19

Lot 69

A Framed print of this year’s artwork signed by celebs

Value £ Priceless

Courtesy of Birdfair and the celebrities

Lot 70

Choice of bird boxes up to the value of £200

Choose from Peak Boxes range of bird boxes (Swift, Owl, Kestrel) up to the value of £200.

Value £200

Courtesy of Peak Boxes, Marquee 1 Stand 10

Lot 71

A Framed Photograph of  Mountain Hares

Mounted and framed 16” x 20” photograph.

Value £50

Courtesy of Our Wildlife, Art Marquee, Stand 17

Lot 72

Two nights stay for 2 people to Extremadura, Spain

Take a long weekend to enjoy the charms of Extremadura, Spain. Two nights lodging, full board and a private birding guide to show you species like the Black Vulture, Spanish Imperial Eagle, Great Bustard and Azured Wing Magpie. To be used by Dec 2020, Flights not included.

Value £360

Courtesy of Extremadura, Marquee 7 Stands 51 & 52

Lot 73

One week stay for 1 person at La Parrilla Reserve, Extremadura

Photo hide experience at La Parrilla reserve inside the famous Monfraque National Park, in Extremadura. This real jewel of biodiversity hosts a huge population of different Vulture species as well as very rare Spanish Imperial Eagle. Day trip to Las Vinas included. To be used end of April 2020, flights and transfers not included.

Value £1300

Courtesy of SKUA Nature, Marquee 2 Stands 16 & 17

Lot 74

2 x Limited edition giclee prints “M’Llard” and “M’Llady”

Tripe mounted to 51cm x 62cm.

Value £200

Courtesy of David Finney, Art Marquee, Stand 8

Lot 75

“Trumpeter Finch – Cley Beach, Norfolk” Original Painting

Image 20 x 25cm

Value £250

Courtesy of Mike Warren, Art Marquee Stand 55

Lot 76

Planeterra Foundation Goodie Bag

A selection of meaningful gifts from various Planeterra Foundation’s projects from across the world. From a backpack made with recycled tyre tube from Cambodia to a 100% cotton towel with unique embroidery handmade by women from Namibia and a cookbook with recipes of delicious vietamese dishes written by STREETS International. The Planeterra Foundation is the non-profit partner of G Adventures.

Value £100

Courtesy of G adventures, Marquee 2 Stand 93

Lot 77

Giclee print of “Zebra Finch”

An open edition giclee print from original pastel drawing by Natalie Mascall.

Value £30

Courtesy of Natalie’s Arts, Art Marquee Stand 44

Lot 78

Giclee print of “Scottish Hare”

An open edition giclee print from original charcoal drawing by Natalie Mascall.

Value £45

Courtesy of Natalie’s Arts, Art Marquee Stand 44

Lot 79

Gitzo 45L Adventury Backpack

Specially designed to target bird, wildlife, nature and landscape photographers. The GITZO Adventury 45L Backpack is the perfect bag for bird and nature photographers who need to carry a full camera equipment kit in a safe, roomy, feature-rich and outdoor-ready bag.

Value £299.95

Courtesy of Vitec Imaging Distribution UK, Marquee 4 Stands 11-13

Lot 80

One year’s membership to Oryx – The International Journal of Conservation

One year’s subscription.

Value £85

Courtesy of Fauna & Flora, Marquee 7 Stands 11 & 12

Lot 81

Personal trip by boat for four people to Havergate Island, Suffolk

Personal trip by boat to Havergate Island in the River Ore, famous for its Avocets, terns and spoonbills, the island provides a haven for large numbers of ducks and wading birds. Havergate is also a great place to see brown hares at close range. The trip will be hosted by either Lyndsey Record or Dave Fairhurst, both of whom are Wardens and will include a light lunch. The trip will last approx. 3 hours. Travel expense to and from the reserve not included. Dates to be arranged.

Value £100

Courtesy of RSPB, Marquee 2 Stands 33 – 38

Lot 82

A day’s guiding for two in the Striats of Gibraltar

Enjoy a spectacular day of #FlywayBirding at the epicentre of the East Atlantic Flyway! At Spain’s most southern point, The Med meets the Atlantic and the craggy coast of North Africa is only nine miles away! The area is famous for its spring and autumn raptor migration, during which tens of thousands of soaring birds can cross the Straits in a single day. But actually avian migration continues all year round! Dates to be arranged. T & C’s apply.

Value £150

Courtesy of Inglorious Bustards, Marquee 1 Stand 28

Lot 83

Lunch or Dinner for two people at Hambleton Hall

2 glasses of champagne, 3 course a’la carte or set menu, water and service. Excludes additional bar & wine. Subject to availability and excludes Sat, Sun and public holidays.

Value £200-250

Courtesy of Hambleton Hall

Lot 84

Glamping hide rental for two people

A 24 hour hide rental for 2 people which offers the chance to see kingfishers, owls and otters at Wildlife Photography Hides special pond hide. To be taken before August 2020.

Value £440

Courtesy of Wildlife Photography Hides, Marquee 8 Stand 27

Lot 85

Rhinoceros Collectable figurine

Produced for The Great Big Rhino Project, which was run by Paignton Zoo, with large sculptures of this miniature version appearing in South Devon in summer 2016. The figurine’s name is Tranquillity and the artist is Neil Morris.

Value £24

Courtesy of Gemma Greenhalgh


Lot 86

Large soft toy penguin

Large super soft stuffed toy, 60cm tall.

Value £30

Courtesy of Roger Slade Photography, Marquee 8 Stand 33

Lot 87

Large Jug

Usable thrown pottery vase decorated with images inspired by the local landscape, birds and animals.

Courtesy of Woodnewton Pottery, Art Marquee Stand 11


Lot 88

4 night stay for 2 people in an Eco-Lodge in Urtsadzor Village, Ararat Province, Armenia

The Eco-Lodge of FPWC is an eco-friendly construction, which is located in Caucasus Wildlife Refuge, in one of the highest biodiversity areas of Armenia. Hiking, biking, horse riding and birdwatching opportunities are available in the area. The only Wildlife Rescue Centre in Armenia is adjacent to the Eco-Lodge, as well. Meals included, one day birdwatching tour with guide. Flights not included.

Value £400

Courtesy of Foundation of Preservation Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC), Marquee 8 Stand 47

Lot 89

Limited Edition Print (Remarque) – Hen Blackbird “Duchess”

Hen Blackbird – “Duchess” with Remarque pencil sketch of eggs.

Value £80-100

Courtesy of Roy Aplin, Art Marquee Stand 42

Lot 90

One week’s stay for 2 people at Quinta do Barranco da Estrada, Algarve

1 week’s B&B accommodation at Quinta do Barranco da Estrada, winner of Tripadvisor’s “Travellers’ Choice” award, (the highest in the industry), two years running and head office of “Birding in Portugal”. Terms and conditions apply. Flights not included.

Value €805 approx.

Courtesy of Birding in Portugal, Marquee 2 Stand 90 & 91 &


Lot 91

Potted Elm tree 5-6ft tall

This Elm has been grown from seed collected from trees that have survived 50 years of Dutch Elm Disease in the British countryside.

Value £20

Courtesy of Aveland Trees Ltd, Marquee 8 Stand 17

Lot 92

A copy of ‘Southern African Birdfinder’

By Callan Cohen and Claire Spottiswoode.

It’s an invaluable site-guide and a mine of useful information about sought-after specials and top birding spots in the Southern African region, including Madagascar.

Value £18

Courtesy of Birding Africa & Cape Town Pelagics, Marquee 3 Stands 28 & 29 and

Lot 93

Wood carving of a Red-Necked Tanager

Life size carving by Mike Wood.

Value £200

Courtesy of Mike Wood, Art Marquee Stand 48

Lot 94

Swift Studies limited edition print

Print by Jonathan Pomroy, author of On Crescent Wings. A print of watercolour sketches of swifts made in the field. Limited edition (100), signed giclee print. Size 41x60cm.

Value £125

Courtesy of Jonathan Pomroy Wildlife Artist, Art Marquee Stand 37

Lot 95

A selection of miniature Australian wildlife figurines

Figurines of the wonderful birds and animals native to Australia to whet your appetite for a visit to an incredible country. From incredible Platypus to endearing Koala, infamous Cockatoos and lesser known Quolls, this selection of miniature wildlife figurines will delight nature lovers for all ages.

Value £50

Courtesy of the Australia Stand, Marquee 2 Stands 41,42



Lot 96, 97,98,99,100,101,102,103,104,105

Honduras Kit

Kit contains a wonderful array of Honduran souvenirs: a resin pen, magnet, and bracelet, corn husk handcrafted doll, reusable & environment friendly bag, USB flash drive, Honduras Destination magazine, sports bottle, Lenca Artisanal candle, and travel adaptor. All items will surely become conversation topics wherever you visit.

Value £40

Courtesy of Honduras Institute of Tourism, Marquee 6 Stands 15 & 16

Lot 106

10 year old Laphroaig Islay single malt scotch whisky 70cl – signed by Birdfair 2018’s celebrities

Signatures include Chris Packham, Bill Oddie, Nick Baker, Iolo Williams, Simon King, Dim Wallace, Dick Forsman, Killian Mullarney and Tim Appleton. Includes sketches by Richard Lewington, Chris Rose, Keith Brockie and Darren Woodhead.

Value £ Priceless

Courtesy of Explore Islay & Jura

Lot 107 & 108

Kowa TSN-501 spotting scope

Enjoy close-up views of nature anytime with the Kowa TSN-501 spotting scope. Small and light enough to be always with you, whether at home, in the car, or trekking in the hills. The 501 is your ideal small companion.

Value £269

Courtesy of Kowa Optimed Deutschland GmbH, Optics Stand 2


Lot 109


A practical solution to rain protection without overheating in warm, wet conditions, ideal for sightseeing, wildlife watching, photography or fieldwork. The poncho uses lightweight Nikwax Windproof fabric with zoned pump liner in hood and shoulders for good water-shedding with minimal insulation.

Value £100

Courtesy of Paramo, Marquee 2 Stands 69,70 & 71

Lot 110

Sculpture of Dormouse

Stoneware clay sculpture by Julie Wilson.

Value £60

Courtesy of Julie Wilson Sculptures, Art Marquee Stand 40

Lot 111

Large packet of wildflower seeds

A mixture of wildflower seeds.

Value £25

Courtesy of Angela Hewitt Originals, Art Marquee 41

Lot 112

Print of Osprey

Print of a watercolour of an Osprey by Angela Hewitt.

Value £45

Courtesy of Angela Hewitt Originals, Art Marquee 41



Lot 113

A3 Print of a Chiffchaff

‘An unmistakable song’. Polychromos pencil.

Value £19.99

Courtesy of Carolyn Kemp, Art Marquee 7

Lot 114

A3 Print of a Pine Marten

‘An able hunter’. Polychromos pencil.

Value £19.99

Courtesy of Carolyn Kemp, Art Marquee 7

Lot 115

A cope of ‘The Worshipful Companies Images and Poems from the Norfolk Coast’

This book is a sparkling mixture of poetry, prose and colour photography about wildlife you find at the North Norfolk Coast.

Value £28

Courtesy of Brambleby Books, Marquee 7 Stand 9

Lot 116

Long tailed tit painting

An original framed painting by Edinburgh based bird artist Sandra Vick. Sandra’s painting capture the essence of a bird using black and white to capture form, habit and movement so we can still identify the bird. Painting is float mounted behind glass in a white wooden frame.

Value £375

Courtesy of Sandra Vick, Art Marquee Stand 61


Lot 117

Framed photograph of a Puffin.

Mounted and framed photograph of an Atlantic Puffin taken on Skomer.

Value £40

Courtesy of Margaret Welby Photography, Art Marquee Stand 17

Lot 118

CJ Wildlife Conqueror 12 Port Seed Feeder plus 20kg HI Energy No Mess Seed Mix

CJ Wildlife’s largest high capacity seed feeder with innovative perching rings, ideal for large gardens or for period of holiday to keep your garden birds happy. Made from die-cast powder coated zinc and durable polycarbonate tubing for years of excellent feeding. Plus, a 20kg bag of CJ Wildlife’s original and best Hi-energy no mess seed mix for no waste, no mess and no weeds.

Value £111.49

Courtesy of CJ Wildlife, Marquee 1 Stands 26 & 27

Lot 119

Swarovski Field Companion 8 x 30 Binoculars

The new CL companion 8 x 30 has a 132m (144yard) field of view to give the perfect overview. Its impressive optics with 8x magnification ensure your viewing is smooth and jitter-free. The ergonomic design of these compact, lightweight binoculars makes them an excellent companion providing you with unique experiences when on the move.

Value £970

Courtesy of Swarovski Optik UK, Optics 6

Lot 120

1 week’s accommodation for 2 people at Lower Rio Grande Valley’s world famous Alamo Inn, Texas.

En-suite accommodation, comfortable family antiques, kitchenettes or full kitchens, wi-fi, queen, king and single beds available. Flights not included, T&Cs apply.

Value £500

Courtesy of South Texas Nature, Marquee 2 Stands 95 &  96

Lot 121

Leica Trinovid 8×42 HD

The Leica Trinovid HD binoculars are designed for the widest array of uses and expertly combine impressive optical performance, outstanding mechanical features and easy, intuitive operation. Thanks to the time-tested Leica optics, the Trinovid HD offers excellent contrasts, optimum colour reproduction and very good light transmission.

Value £930

Courtesy of Leica Sport Optics, Optics 8

Lot 122

Painted feather called ‘Heron Of Hyde Park’

Painted on an ethically sourced, real, moulted feather, using professional quality acrylic paints. Framed in a made to measure box frame, 4″ x 8.5″ x 1. 75″

Value £250

Courtesy of Mandi Baykaa-Murray, Art Marquee Stand 14

Lot 123

Original Pastel of Panda

By international wildlife artist Joel Kirk. Pastel is approximately 30cm x 23cm, in frame with glass measuring 61cm x 54cm.

Value £245

Courtesy of Miss Karen Czernik

Lot 124

Limited edition Albatross print

Print of a pencil drawing of a wandering albatross, black & white print by New Zealand artist, Corinne Goedbloed. Print no 5 of 40, beautiful giclee quality print.

Value £130

Courtesy of Albatross Encounter – New Zealand, Marquee 2 Stands 46 & 47


Lot 125

Wooden animals – Africa Big Six

African animals, carved wood, each sitting on a chair around a table, which is a map of Africa.  Each measures approximately 22 cm in height. Bought in Kenya.  In addition, 8 wooden African animals shaped into napkin rings each measures approximately 12cm in height.

Value £ 40

Courtesy of Karen Czernik

Lot 126

7 night’s accommodation for up to four people in a traditional beach chalet at Caswell Bay on the South Gower Coast in Wales

This privately owned chalet sleeps 4 people and is next to a nature reserve. It is 400 yards from the sandy beach at Caswell Bay, Perfect for birding, relaxing, walking and unwinding. Not usually available.

Value £600

Courtesy of Simon and Diana Stacey