Volunteers are involved in all aspects of the fair- just about everything that can be undertaken by a volunteer is done so, from putting up the first piece of trellis to despositing the last bags of rubbish and recycling in to the skip.

Last year our site team volunteers erected 800 trellis panels- that’s almost 1000 posts each knocked into the ground using a two-man post rammer. Hundreds of parcels are delivered to stands, potholes are filled, fencing is put up and more than 150 signs go up around the fair (that’s at least another 150 posts to be knocked in!). As you wander around you will notice volunteers selling tickets and collectables, manning the Auction, Events and Information Marquees, meeting and greeting in the lecture theatres, while the site team patrols the fair grounds.

Nothing fazes the Birdfair volunteers: they’ll battle through the rain and mud or keep their cool in sweltering temperatures. Our rubbish and recycling team sorts through every bag of rubbish ensuring Birdfair recycles 85% of it’s waste!

You’ll see our volunteers smiling as they direct you to your car parking spot, smiling to every person in the long line waiting to get their entrance ticker or go into an event or lecture, and smiling in the pouring rain as they’re pushing stuck cars out of the mud. They’re still smiling on Sunday afternoon when they wave you goodbye as you leave the fair.

Despite being tired and encountering the occasional grumpy visitor, our volunteers undertake their duties with passion and charm, giving Birdfair a truly unique atmosphere.

Some volunteers give a few hours of their time, some a few days. Some come from the nearby towns and others from as far away as Canada and Rwanda!

Birdfair simply wouldn’t go ahead without the help of our volunteers and we can’t thank enough every single person who has lent a helping hand and a smiling face over the many years Birdfair has been running.

So here’s to our volunteers, a big thank you for all that you do!

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