Chris Packham

Chris Packham was born in Southampton, he studied Kestrels, shrews and badgers in his teens and undergraduate days at the Zoology department of  Southampton University. Postgradution and a cancelled PhD (the badgers were getting a bit much),  he began taking still photographs and trained as a wildlife cameraman. The photography continues with exhibitions  and invitations to judge prestigious competitions but the camerawork gave way to presenting. Chris began with the award winning  “Really Wild Show” in 1996 and has been working ever since most recently he became presenter on “Springwatch”.

Chris has the honour of being a pre-active president,vice president and patron of some notable conservation charities and regularly expounds his entertaining, pragmatic and enthusiatic, occasionally controversial views, on the environment and its care.

Chris is the Vice President of the RSPB.  He considered this a great honour as the charity is a formidable force in conservation in the UK and globally. Like many he has been a keen and long term supporter.