Learn about some of the amazing species hidden in our waterways from cannibal pike to cave dwelling brown trout. Jack uses unique underwater photography to capture images of Britain’s fish.

Freshwater Fishes of Britain by Jack Perks

Freshwater Fishes of Britain is illustrated with at least one photograph of each species, from the predatory Pike to the graceful Grayling and is accompanied by a brief description of the fish, including details of their distinguishing features, habitat, breeding and much more.

Jack Perks uses specialist underwater photography methods involving long and super macro lenses to showcase images of freshwater fish in a new light. Jack’s innovative photographic techniques provide a fascinating insight into the world of Freshwater Fishes of Britain.

Jack includes photographs for all the fish featured in his book, from the Thick-lipped Grey Mullet, ‘the largest mullet species found in British waters and also the most common’, and the Three-spined Stickleback, ‘a voracious predator, engulfing anything that will fit inside its mouth’, to the Atlantic Salmon, known as the ‘king of fish’, which undertakes huge migrations from the Arctic Ocean back to the river they were born in order to spawn, and the Brown Trout, recently voted the UK’s National Fish and probably Britain’s most widespread freshwater fish, found from Cornwall to the Shetland Islands and everywhere in between.

With facts throughout, such as why the Tench is sometimes called the ‘doctor fish’ or why Bitterling lay their eggs inside a living Swan Mussel, Freshwater Fishes of Britain by Jack Perks covers almost every British species and is sure to appeal to both naturalists and anglers across the country.


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