Mike Dilger chairs this debate.

Panel :

  • Dominic Dyer – Chief Executive Badger Trust & Policy Adviser Born Free Foundation
  • Chris Luffingham – Director League Against Cruel Sports
  • Dr Mark Avery – Political Birder
  • Chris Williamson – MP
  • Anneka Svenska – Naturalist, film maker

Today wildlife in Britain is under greater threat than ever before, since 1970, 56% of over 4000 land and fresh water species in the UK have significantly declined   From intensive agriculture to urban development and wildlife crime, species ranging from badger to buzzards and hedgehogs to hen harriers are under pressure like never before.  Despite this stark reality the voice for wildlife protection in Parliament is getting weaker, in 2017 fewer MP’s and Peers are taking an interest in UK wildlife protection issues as can be seen by the lack of widespread opposition to Parliament to hugely controversial issues such as badger culling, driven grouse shooting, and wildlife crime regularly taking place on shooting estates or as a result of fox hunting.

How can wildlife protection organisations, campaigners and wider public better focus their efforts on persuading more politicians in Westminster, Scottish Parliament and the devolved Assemblies in Wales and Northern Ireland to stand up to protect wildlife in the United Kingdom  Have the big well funded wildlife protection organisations become too risk averse in their approach to political lobbying for wildlife protection in the UK and is there a need for a new Wildlife Alliance to be established to act as the voice of millions of caring compassionate wildlife protectors in Britain today

Should we learn from the hard edged lobbying tactics of organisation such as the National Farmers Union and the Countryside Alliance and use similar tactics to protect rather than exploit and destroy wildlife.

Date(s) - 18/08/2017
1:00 pm - 1:45 pm

Events Marquee