Showing how I use my camera to be a voice for animals that can’t speak.  Showing not only the beauty of the natural world but also the not so beautiful things I witness.

Putting together conservation and photography can be very powerful, combining these two elements they can have a profound impact that can move people to such a degree that change can and does happen.

Switching from my heart to my head I’m able to capture the true essence of the things I have and do witness. This wasn’t planned, it wasn’t taught, it comes from that true and powerful love for animals I had from a small child.

It embraces my own wonderful lessons about life and nature my late mother taught me. The power of caring for nature I learnt a long time ago, the power of photography I learnt in later life. I now place these two together and fight for all wildlife in the best and only way I know how and that’s through my work. Highlighting their plight, it educates people and brings a positive change to people’s thoughts and practices.

I try and show not only the beauty of the natural world but also the suffering within that world and my hope within my own contribution to conservation is to give all those animals a true and meaningful voice around the world. Even though I have to walk away from them I want my images to be a visual remember that they were never forgotten, and their plight wasn’t ignored.

Craig Jones

Date(s) - 20/08/2017
10:00 am - 10:20 am

Lecture Marquee 3