Steve Backshall
Steve is a wildlife expert travelling the world in pursuit of filming challenges such as Extreme Mountain Challenge and Down the Mighty River. His immensely popular series Deadly 60 Live was a massive hit with both young and old viewers. Steve is also a prolific author, having published 13 books. His latest novel Shark Seas is the fourth book in his children's adventure fiction series The Falcon Chronicles.
Chris Packham
Chris is the Vice President of the RSPB. He considered this a great honour as the charity is a formidable force in conservation in the UK and globally. Like many he has been a keen and long term supporter.
Simon King
Simon's professional life led to him filming and co-presenting the long-running series Big Cat Diary alongside Jonathan Scott which followed the progress of lions. leopards and cheetahs in the Masai Mara Game Reserve.
Bill Oddie
Bill Oddie, OBE is an English writer, composer, musician, comedian, artist, ornithologist, conservationist, television presenter and actor. His wildlife programmes for the BBC include: Springwatch/Autumnwatch, How to Watch Wildlife, Wild In Your Garden, Birding with Bill Oddie, Britain Goes Wild with Bill Oddie and Bill Oddie Goes Wild.
Miranda Krestovnikoff
Biologist and trained diver, Miranda is a resident wildlife expert on BBC One’s The One Show, having presented natural history stories, ranging from robotic ants to rare dolphins, from all around the country for the last six years. She is also a regular on BBC One’s Inside Out and one of the original members of the Coast team exploring Great Britain’s shoreline from top to toe, revealing fascinating tales of marine life. Miranda is also the RSPB President.
Nick Baker
Nick Baker is an English naturalist and television presenter, notably on Children's BBC's The Really Wild Show. Nick has become a household name who can be relied upon to guarantee excellent viewing with his ease of presentation and exemplary understanding of his subject.
Mike Dilger
Mike Dilger is an English ecologist, ornithologist and television presenter who is best known for being a wildlife reporter on the BBC television programme The One Show.
Mary Colwell
Mary Colwell is an award winning TV, Radio and Digital producer, with major broadcast awards on all three platforms. Mary has worked for the BBC, ABC and independent companies across a career that started in the 1980’s. Mary has two science degrees from Manchester and Bristol universities. She published her first book “John Muir – The Scotsman who Saved America’s Wild Places” in 2015 and is a feature writer for The Tablet. In 2016 she walked 500 miles across Britain and Ireland to raise awareness about the decline of the curlew.
Debbie Pain
Debbie Pain is the Director of Conservation at the Wildfowl and wetlands Trust. Among her many contributions to conserving wild birds , She has been involved in the rediscovery of the Madagascar Pochard, the head starting project for the critically endangered Spoonbill Sandpiper and when working for the RSPB helped confirm the drug diclofenac was responsible for the death of millions of vultures in India.
David Lindo
David Lindo, also known as The Urban Birder is a broadcaster, writer, naturalist, photographer, public speaker, tour leader and loves anything nature, with birds being a particular obsession.
Martin Hughes-Games
Martins interests stretch beyond wildlife (he is a fully qualified Zoologist) He is a qualified rope technician and keen climber, a passionate motorcyclist (raced successfully on UK tracks for 6 years). He has just published his first book ("A Wild Life" an entertaining and information packed account of his 30 years filming wildlife around the world) and is busy writing his second book.
Anneka Svenska
Anneka Svenska is a naturalist, broadcaster and film maker who produces many wildlife films through her production company GreenWorldTV, specialising in apex predators, wolves, wildlife crime prevention, rewilding and conservation. She is a regular face and speaker at many of the UK’s conservation events and appears regularly on current affair TV talk shows as a voice for misunderstood or persecuted wildlife.
Mark Carwardine
Mark Carwardine is a zoologist who received widespread recognition for his Last Chance to See conservation expeditions - first with Douglas Adams - and then with Stephen Fry 20 years later. Since then he has become a leading and outspoken conservationist, and a prolific broadcaster, columnist and photographer.
Stephen Moss
Stephen has had a career at the BBC spanning almost three decades mainly in the world-famous Natural History Unit in Bristol. One of the longest standing supporters of Birdfair. Stephens contribution is always gratefully received.
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